Cost and Insurance FAQs


These are the most common questions we receive about cost and insurance:

1. Are we a provider for your insurance?

At Blaine Chiropractic Accident Injury Center in Blaine Minnesota we accept all insurance including major medical, medicare, accident injury and workers compensation insurance.

2. What Does The Treatment Cost?

There are 5 financial categories.

  • Health Insurance: Payment with insurance will depend on that particular policy co-pay or deductible and they all vary.

  • Medicare: Medicare and Medicaid insurance covers chiropractic care with limited benefits. However the co-pay and deductibles are relatively low.

  • Accident Injury Insurance: Accident injury insurance for the most part covers chiropractic care with little to no patient out of pocket expense.

  • Workers Compensation: If you have been injured while on the job, your work insurance policy will cover our chiropractic treatments. A workers compensation injury is covered at 100%.

  • Cash: Cash patients can receive a time of service discount, payment plans and discount plans.

3. What Does My Insurance Cover?

Your chiropractic care benefits will be verified upon your first visit.


All polices vary and would have to be individually verified.

Our chiropractic staff at Blaine Chiropractic Accident Injury Center in Blaine Minnesota will verify your chiropractic coverage in one brief phone call.